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BJM Group offers comprehensive tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and advisory services tailored for busy individuals and professionals. Our mission is to liberate your time, allowing you to concentrate on other vital goals by simplifying your financial record-keeping and offering proactive business advice. Whether it’s tax planning or CFO services, we’re here to support your growth every step of the way.

Leveraging our network of accounting firms, BJM Group provides a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and flexibility that surpasses the offerings of a traditional CPA firm. Partnering with us means gaining strategic, personalized support designed to navigate both the simple and the complex aspects of your financial landscape. Experience the tranquility of having your accounting needs expertly handled by our team of seasoned CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers, all while benefiting from our network’s vast resources and our 50 years of industry experience. At BJM Group, we are dedicated to your success at every stage.

Circle by Definition


noun; circle plural noun; circles

  1. a round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) consists of points equidistant from a fixed point (the center). “draw a circle with a compass” something in the shape of a circle. “the lamp spread a circle of light”
  2. a group of people with shared professions, interests, or acquaintances. “she did not normally move in such exalted circles”


verb; circle plural noun; circling

  1. move all the way around (someone or something), especially more than once. “we circled around the island”

Circle Idioms

the circle of life

family circle

to run circles around

to come full circle

to circle the wagons

Circle Meanings

From a psychological point of view, circles represent the notions of unity, integration, wholeness, and they give us a sense of completion, confidence, and harmony. They have no beginning and no end, and they also don’t have angles. That’s why a circle is a powerful element, yet safe, soft, and mild.

As the ultimate shape, the circle embodies all of the attributes that attract us: it is a safe, gentle, pleasant, graceful, dreamy, and even beautiful shape that evokes calmness, peacefulness, and relaxation.

Looking to sell your accounting firm?

BJM Group specializes in acquiring independent firms that are deeply rooted in their communities, subsequently enhancing their potential with significant investments in technology, operations, staffing, marketing, and other critical areas. We ensure that the original owners remain actively involved, guaranteeing that their clients continue to receive exceptional care and that they share in the firm’s enduring success. Despite the diversity of our local brands, we stand united as a single network and team, driven by a common mission to deliver superior client service and achieve profitable growth.