CPA Firm Acquisitions

Growth Oriented and Local Community-Minded

BJM Group stands out by integrating successful, local accounting firms into a cohesive network that delivers exemplary accounting, tax, auditing, bookkeeping, and advisory services. Our philosophy is centered on growth while remaining deeply rooted in the local communities we serve. We honor the legacy of each firm by retaining their brands and teams, thus enhancing their esteemed reputations through access to a wider and more diverse set of resources. As a subsidiary of SGP Capital Holding AG, our firms adhere to unparalleled standards of practice, client engagement, and operational excellence.

Innovative Acquisition Strategy

Streamlined Integration and Operational Efficiency

Commitment to Your Firm’s Expansion

Competitive Salary Package

Innovative Acquisition Strategy

Your dedication to building your brand, firm, client base, and community standing is something we deeply respect and aim to preserve. Our investment focuses on nurturing the growth of your firm and the fulfillment of your vision. You’ll continue to engage in the work you’re passionate about, liberated from the minutiae of daily operations, while we facilitate a tailored, gradual transition that aligns with your unique objectives and requirements. Our strategy is selective, targeting accounting firm owners who are committed to securing and enhancing their legacy within their communities.

Streamlined Integration & Operational Efficiency

Our team of experts collaborates closely with yours, following a meticulously planned process to guarantee a smooth transition and integration. We assume responsibility for your back-office functions, adapting them to our streamlined processes and systems, and ensure minimal disruption to both clients and employees. Joining BJM Group affords your firm access to our centralized accounting systems, IT network, HR solutions, and marketing capabilities, allowing you more time to focus on client service, business development, and achieving work-life balance.

Commitment to Your Firm’s Expansion

We leverage your existing achievements as a foundation to bolster your brand and catalyze growth. Our investment extends to facilities, personnel, technology, and promotional efforts, all while preserving your firm’s local influence and legacy. As part of our group, you’ll benefit from our marketing expertise to foster growth initiatives, enhance business development, and broaden referral networks. Our technology suite offers cloud computing solutions, advanced tax and client management tools, and leading research applications. Furthermore, we support your staffing needs with local recruitment and specialized expertise from within BJM Group and SGP Capital Holdings AG.

Competitive Salary Package

BJM Group presents a compelling financial proposition to accounting firm owners who aspire to enrich and perpetuate their legacy. We collaborate with you to fortify the local brand you’ve established, providing access to our extensive team and resources. Our flexible ownership terms include financial rewards for ongoing involvement and expansion. Our efficient due diligence process swiftly assesses the compatibility of your firm with our group. If you’re inclined to transcend back-office challenges, leverage a tested network and global resources, and contribute to your firm’s growth, we invite you to reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did BJM Group get started?

In 2017, the principles of global accountancy and financial consulting firm SGP Capital Holdings AG decided to expand their accounting presence to the US. Already aware of Atlanta-based accounting firm BJM – Bach, James, Mansour & Company, SGP took a financial interest in BJM. Together they formed BJM Group, and started actively acquiring accounting firms in Georgia and Florida. SGP and BJM Group share the same unique business model – buy successful businesses, retain the talent and brands, and invest to grow the revenue and profits for all.

Will I be able to run the office going forward?

Yes, but that’s your choice. You may continue leading your office for a period of time, or turn that responsibility over to an existing or new team member so that you can focus on doing what you love to do – working with clients, building new business relationships, and improving your golf game. We’ll work with you on the approach that best meets your needs as well as the growth plans for your office.

How will BJM Group invest in my business?

BJM Group invests in a variety of ways, including office, infrastructure, technology, staff, marketing, and operations. You will also have access to a global team of financial experts. Together we will remove the hassles associated with running your firm so you can focus on what you love to do. Let’s define what that is, and then get started.

How long can I stay on?

Your ongoing involvement in your firm (and legacy) is critical to the long-term success of the BJM Group approach. We’ll agree on your tenure during our business discussions, but principals normally choose to stay on from 3-5 years. We prefer longer-term involvement, and your role can also change over time – from full-time to part-time to emeritus status.

Will my team be impacted?

Only as we provide your team with more resources, streamlined business operations, and enhanced growth opportunities! We want to retain your talented team members, giving them opportunities to grow within your firm and also across the company. In addition to adding local resources, your team will also have access to regional and global expertise not previously available.

Will you keep my firm's name?

Yes – that’s your legacy! You have invested years of your life establishing and operating your firm. We want to build on that success.

What is the financial structure of the acquisition?

The structure and approach depends on your business, clients, and personal goals. Typically, there are up-front payments as well as ongoing incentives that reward you for your continued involvement and business growth. Let’s set up an introductory call to discuss your needs.

Will I get paid a salary?

Yes. Compensation, including salary and growth incentives, will be an important part of our business discussions. The more time and energy that you are willing to invest in your firm’s growth and success, the more we’d like to share with you.

What if I just want to sell and retire?

BJM Group’s model works best when the principals stay on for a smooth transition, enjoying reduced responsibilities over time. Let’s discuss options. We think you may change your mind.

After the acquisition, how much will I have to work?

That’s up to you. Let’s work something out that makes sense for everyone. Most principals retain an active role in the firm during the first year or more, then ramp down over time from full-time to part-time to emeritus status. Our immediate goal will be to remove the hassles associated with business operations. The BJM Group team is ready to help.