Planning Today for a Better Tomorrow

Building a financial strategy around your goals and lifestyle is easy when you have the right partner. BJM Financial is here to help.

We take the time to get to know you and build a personal plan that prioritizes your unique needs. We prepare for your family just like we prepare for our own – with real care and concern for you.

When you partner with BJM Financial, know you are getting a complete and tailored plan that includes everything you need to make the best financial decisions for a full and convenient picture, saving you time and money.

Our services include:

Tax Planning

Financial Advice

Trusts & Estates

Investment Management

Three Unique Service Levels


Ideal for individuals who desire to get started with a solid foundation for their financial future. We’ll review your financials and work with you on a consistent financial plan.


Designed for individuals in their earning prime who desire to maximize their earnings through detailed tax planning, long term cash flow planning, and retirement planning.


Designed for individuals with established means who require active management
of their financial plans, including tax and investment analysis from one advisor who understands their complex scenarios.

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Meet the Team

Josh Studebaker

Financial Advisor

Tommy Ferguson, CFA

Director of Investments

Greg Sloan, CFP®

Consulting Partner

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BJM Financial is part of BJM Group, a network of local accounting firms with deep client relationships and stellar reputations in each representative community. While the local brands may differ, we are one team operating with the unified mission of providing outstanding tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and advisory support to our individual and business clients. You have direct access to experts who can proactively look beyond the numbers to maximize your financial health and free up your time to do more of what you love.